Stories Behind the Ink: A Journey of Pride and Strength

Lukas Paul came to us with an idea in the making for quite some time. He shared a drawing with us that he originally drew when he was in high school. “The drawing at the time represented by future as a trans person.” – Lukas Paul The original drawing centered on a skeleton with aContinue reading “Stories Behind the Ink: A Journey of Pride and Strength”

Stories Behind the Ink: Always Growing

Cassie came to us with an idea she said had been in the making for the past year. The simple but interesting idea sparked my interest and I wanted to know more. Cassie was raised in Morton and graduated from Morton High School in 2012. Cassie and her husband Ryan met in high school andContinue reading “Stories Behind the Ink: Always Growing”

Stories Behind the Ink: Grace, Love, and Strength

Grace Lawler, a Morton native, contacted us last month with a unique tattoo idea. She wanted an anatomical brain with flowers. I was interested to learn more about Grace’s design. She shared how this tattoo commemorates her long-standing history of brain health issues, her family and friend’s unwavering support, and the strength it took toContinue reading “Stories Behind the Ink: Grace, Love, and Strength”