Stories Behind the Ink: Always Growing

Cassie came to us with an idea she said had been in the making for the past year. The simple but interesting idea sparked my interest and I wanted to know more.

Cassie was raised in Morton and graduated from Morton High School in 2012. Cassie and her husband Ryan met in high school and moved to East Peoria right before they married in 2016.

Cassie shared how she wanted a mental health, self-love tattoo for quite some time. Her tattoo is a woman hugging herself and flowers growing out of her with the quote “always growing”. 

When she found this design, it spoke to her and she felt as if it was meant to be – she had to have it. Cassie shared why this tattoo had meaning to her. She shared, “I voluntarily admitted myself to get help from a psychiatrist on a mental health floor at a hospital in January 2020.” Cassie shared how she struggled with depression and anxiety her whole life but said, “that was a close call for me to end it all.”

Cassie bravely shared, “I’m glad I received the much needed help and was able to finally get a grasp on my life and be back in control. I celebrated one year of recovery and I’m still learning every day.”

Cassie shared how the flowers are a reminder to care for herself, continue to grow, and become a better person every day. She shared how one of her instructors told her, “We are not perfect, and we have to understand we are ‘always growing’ and can make ourselves be in control and not let our mental health win.” That made an impact on Cassie which is why she chose to incorporate that quote into her design.

Cassie also included a small four leaf clover in the bouquet. That’s for her husband, Ryan. Cassie said it is to remind her of all he has done to help her with her mental and physical being. She said, “He is my rock and I’m so lucky to have him in my life.”

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